Watch Yourself

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_watch-yourself.jpgChange happens on many levels when you begin a yoga practice. In my first week of daily yoga I notice the aches and pains – the limitations– of the physical body first. But also how energy moves. My digestion is better– proof that yoga poses massage our internal organs and help the digestive “fires.”

I notice I’m not as restless and that my sleep is deeper. But I also notice my resistance to staying with a daily routine. My mind skips between “so many other things to do” (an active rajasic quality) or not wanting to do anything (a sluggish tamasic quality).

It’s good to observe yourself when you step into some new habits. Watch your reactions, hear your inner conflicts, know that this is also part of your yoga knowledge- this ability to notice how your mind interacts with your environment and your desires.

Watch yourself -with loving kindness – as you would a young child learning a new skill. We are just re-learning what we have forgotten.

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