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As a member of the YogaHub team, I have had the privilege of sitting in on many of the sessions our 1st Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference has to offer.

Frankly, it’s been great. The absolute wealth of knowledge contained within the virtual walls is enough to keep someone busily studying, learning and growing for more than one lifetime. In fact, you probably have to resign yourself to the fact that you can’t learn in a lifetime all the material that’s being presented at the Conference. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog, you didn’t create the universe and neither did I, so there are obviously some things beyond our grasp as human beings.

Nevertheless, the journey, not the destination, should be our focus in life. After all, you can’t get to where you want to go without good directions. Too many times in life, we work so hard to get things like money and status and then we find that once we get there, it’s not what we thought it would be. Even though there’s nothing inherently wrong with such pursuits, what have we done, or not done, along the way – and what did we miss?

Whew! And there’s still a whole day left of this Conference!!

Rather than presenting my observations, I’d actually like some help… my memory’s not so good these days! By the way, if you are the member who helps me remember the most about my Conference experience, I might have a little surprise for you, so for your chance to win, leave a comment identifying the speaker and session referenced by each question or statement.

1. Which speaker was a self-proclaimed party girl on her way to becoming a YHC presenter?
2. Joviality and Doing Jokes.
3. There’s more than one way to get from the Malkuth to the Kether.
4. Hello and Goodbye!
5. Humility precedes understanding.
6. There are 50 characters in the Sanskrit alphabet corresponding to 50 petals.
7. Shhh…it’s the secret inside the secret.
9. Breakfast at 7, lunch at 12, and dinner at 5. Bonus question: What part of the body does this refer to?
10. Hypervigilance is a common problem.


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