Day 4: Trust the Process

Megan Mcdonough

Pool HouseI am sitting in bed as I write these words. Looking through the large glass patio door, I see the calm water in a kidney-shaped pool with a large stone river-bed nestled into the landscaped hill, trickling water into the pool. This bedroom is the pool house, complete with a flat screen TV and entertainment area, a full kitchenette (where water for my coffee is heating up), and a bathroom filled with all the amenities of a five-star hotel.

This is living.

No, I am not at a retreat center or a fine hotel. I am at my sister’s house. We had a sisterly get-together yesterday and it was filled with all the fun stuff – shopping, going out to dinner, etc. Then we topped it all off with a swim under the stars, and I had the pleasure of sleeping over in this heavenly spot.

Life is good.

Oh no! It just started raining. The calm pool is now plopping with rain drops. There goes my morning swim. Hold on a minute….

I just left my writing to get our towels and suits that we’d used last night out of the rain. Then I went over to brew my cup of coffee. It’s one of those fancy, single brew units. I couldn’t figure the *!?*!# thing out!

So I had to leave the pool house to get a cup of coffee from the main house because thoughts of coffee were taking up so much space in my head that there was no room for writing. My sister was up so we chatted. That was two hours ago.

This morning is turning out to be like the ups and down of running a yoga business.

There are times when my yoga business is a joy, just like this heavenly pool house. At these times, I feel so blessed to be a yoga teacher. There is no better job on the planet.

Then something happens, like rain or the coffee malfunction, which turns pleasant and fulfilling work into a pain in the neck. Maybe my class attendance takes a downturn, or the new antivirus software I installed is wreaking havoc with my internet connection. I’d like to call the marketing department or the IT department but – oh yeah – I am the marketing and IT department!

In between the heaven of being a yoga teacher and the hell that invariably pops up are multitudes of distractions that take me away from what I am trying to accomplish.

See? I just wrote a measly 400 words over a super-sized two-hour time frame and I didn’t even touch upon my main goal: giving you the Day 4 actions I am taking to reach my goal of filling the Training the Trainer course.

That’s how the cookie crumbles. I had in my mind what I was going to share with you (and it had nothing to do with what I have written so far). But as I started doing the work – writing about my poolside experience – reality unfolded very differently from the theory in my mind.

I love that I am wrong. This writing is much more powerful and honest than what I would have contrived.

As I walk through the process of building, marketing, and implementing the Training the Trainer course, this creative process called life consistently repeats its cycle. I start on one path, only to find myself somewhere else. There are highs and lows, great spurts of inspired actions followed by lethargic downtimes of minimal work.

And somehow, despite my mental cogitation, the process unfolds just perfectly in its own way. What a surprise it turns out to be. Look at this writing. It came of its own accord. What did I have to do with it, other than being the scribe?

Can I trust that all is well? That this business being created knows where to go and how to get there? Do I have run it? Or does it run just fine on its own, calling me to the right action at the right time?

That’s the process the precious Gayatri Mantra leads us through, saying,

I meditate on the most brilliant splendor of the divine sun. Let that inspire my thoughts so I take the right action at the right time.

This is the true gift of creating your yoga business – listening for inspiration that is often right in front of you and believing with a profound trust that the action you are doing is the right one. Even when you think it is wrong.

I thought I was way off course when I started writing this piece. Now, as I feel it coming to completion, I see that it is just as it was meant to be. How could it be any other way?

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Author: Megan Mcdonough

People with big ideas face a constant challenge: how to transform that vision into a new and better reality. Whether it’s change in your personal life or success in your business, vision needs action (and rest) to manifest.

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  1. Megan McDonough says:

    I am so inspired by the Gayatri Mantra. I am particularly moved when it is performed by Deva Premal and Miten. Take a gander of them chanting the Gayatri in concert.

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