Day 9: Too Hot to Think

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Bikram_day9.jpgFunny what heat does to the mind. Signaling the body to slow down.

I feel spacey, which takes even more effort to concentrate. But I also feel a kind of detachment, like you would on a hot summer day. Except it’s not the sun on my back, it’s the loud blast of a huge metallic heater.

The body has to be convinced to move so the Bikram yoga session feels like one long exercise in willpower, with the body and mind not entirely in sync.If I were in a hammock looking up at the sky, it would be entirely pleasant but getting through 26 Bikram yoga postures in 90 minutes does not feel dreamy. And having just visited the South, I know why you’re suppose to move slower in heat!

And why you sit still in saunas!

Something is at odds here. Creating more of a battleground feeling rather than finding an organic connection between body and mind.

10 Days with Bikram Yoga

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