The Teachings of Loss

Paloma Chavez

yogahealing.jpgHow many of us have successfully healed ourselves after a critical loss in our lives? What approach have we embraced in order to ease our pain? And have we learned all that we were meant to from the experience?

In the article entitled Grief to Gratitude, (Fit Yoga, October)the writer Libuse Bider recounts how she sought out her yoga practice to aid her in dealing with the transition of losing her father.

She describes how that even though her practice provided her with an element of strength and happiness, her life was filled with a grief that she was unable to transform. Ultimately it was her resolve to connect with her teachers that she came to the realization of “In fact, to transform my sadness, I had to open my heart to the depths of sorrow in which I foundered.”

In this encouraging article Ms. Bider brings us her own insights and those of Arizona Yoga founder, Desiree Rumbaugh, a senior certified Anusara yoga teacher, who also suffered a family loss. The result is a photographic series of poses that empower one to come from grief to gratitude, fear to excitement, anger to courageous power and anxiety to calm.

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