Thanksgiving Weekend

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sashimi.jpgI hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving last week.

My weekend was a kind of nice, as I had four days off to relax. What I enjoyed this long weekend was that, first of all, I finished reading a book called “The Hundred Secret Senses” by Amy Tan, who also wrote the “Joy Luck Club” book that was adapted to a film in 1993.

I LOVE reading books: novels, suspense, biography, and manga. But my problem is I don’t know how and when to stop. Once I start reading, I don’t eat, go to the bathroom, or even sleep for a few days until I’ve finished the book because I’m so into it that I don’t want to leave the fantasy world! So whenever I’m busy, I ban myself from reading, sneaking a peak inside a book, or even looking at the book cover!! (I’m serious. This is how bad I am!!)

When my friend let me borrow this book to read, I promised myself that I would STOP reading after a few chapters. And I kept my promise until last weekend. I was a little over half way through this thick book, which is where the more interesting part of the story started to be revealed.

I was invited to a party for Thanksgiving but wasn’t sure if I was going or not, and in the end I decided to stay home, where I kept reading until the book was finished. In order to give myself a treat, I promised myself that I would do some stuff that I had to take care of and spend a “normal” life while reading. And I did it!!

I was so happy that I finished this book! It was very good and well written. I really liked it. And luckily, it didn’t take any longer for me to finish it than I had expected.

On Saturday morning, there was a weekly rehearsal for a play. After that, one of our former co-cast members, who works for a fish import company, brought a bunch of fish. And my play partner in this two performers’ play is a professional sushi chef, so he cut and decorated the dishes for us. Then other co-cast members came with their families and we had a big sushi/sashimi party the whole afternoon.

We had such a fun, memorable time together, filled with laughter and joy.

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