Teaching with a Wrist Cast

jane dagny

Wrist CastI’ve been so busy at work lately that I have not had a chance to write a follow-up entry to my blog about my relaxing weekend plans. Gosh, I love weekends. Just thinking about them makes me wonder why this weekend is taking so long to get here.

I’ll just steal a few precious minutes now to take me back to my last weekend. That Saturday was a wet morning, but I headed out to yoga class anyway. I admit that, after a long week, it would have been easy to just sleep in and snuggle up in my warm bed. But I resisted the temptation and headed out.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see that my instructor, Dave, had a cast on his right hand and forearm. He didn’t say much about it, only that he had broken his wrist in a freak accident. He joked that his wife, Polina, the owner of the studio, made him teach the class anyway. You could tell that he was deliberately bringing humor into the class to create a pleasant atmosphere. He had arranged for a teacher in training to demonstrate the poses while he instructed. Although it can’t be much fun having a cast wrapped around your arm, I appreciated that they made the extra effort to make sure we had what we needed to practice our yoga. On top of that, for most of the session Polina went around adjusting our poses.

Dave turned what could have been a slight disadvantage into an advantage for our class. We received the extra attention. Everyone seemed happy. I was able to stretch tight areas in my shoulders, back, and hamstring. I even enjoyed the rain tapping against the skylight, intermixed with the soft soundtrack that was played in the background when I lay down for the final relaxing sequence. I contemplated the idea of having an enjoyable hike the next day and decided that next weekend I would definitely return to my yoga class.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to be planning things again while in meditation mode. But if you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll notice that I have trouble with meditation.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a lovely little 4.5-mile hike the next day turned into a long 12-mile one! But I’m reserving that strange adventure for another blog.[tags]teaching with a wrist injury, cast on hand, yoga instructor, extra attention, poses[/tags]

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