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Canadian Pain Society Conference Musings

Neil Pearson
This past week I attended the annual conference of the Canadian Pain Society in Whistler, BC. These gatherings provide opportunities to develop collaborative relationships with other Canadian health professionals who are passionate about changing pain and changing minds. I am always impressed by people who not only commit their working life to research in pain care, but also to education and mentorship within the Canadian academic institutions. Nurses, doctors and psychologists...

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Francesca Silva
Last week, I went to my hairdresser’s for a long overdue haircut. The first thing my hairdresser did was muss up my hair. The second thing she did was point out a large bald patch on my crown. “I think you need to see your doctor right away because you may have alopecia”, she said. She went on to explain that alopecia is a condition where some or – in worst...
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