Day 18: Do Not Force It

Megan Mcdonough

World Wide Web KeysYesterday, I wrote about hyperlinking back to your site when you comment or post in the YogaHub blog to gain visibility with both real people and those invisible spiders. I realized afterwards that this could lead readers to try and force-fit a sentence to include a hyperlink into the writing, even when it doesn’t fit with the content. Don’t force it – it makes your writing stilted and leaves the impression that the only reason you posted was to plug your own agenda rather than participate in a community.

If you’ve been part of an online discussion group, you know that those people who consistently give good content over time create a much better rapport than someone who pops in once and while just to promote.

Instead of force-fitting content into a discussion group or blog, write what you want to say. If the hyperlink fits with the content, add it in. If not, don’t add it into the body of the post. Instead, consider adding it as part of your signature. You could, for example, sign your comment like this:

That’s a very acceptable way of giving your business card to someone without forcing it upon them.

So don’t give in to the urge to force-fit your hyperlink into the content of your writing. There are so many alternatives you can consider to get your marketing message across.

Take the Challenge:

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