Yoga is a Stress Release for Children

Paloma Chavez

Child in Yoga PoseAngie Bow, an English teacher and yoga instructor, moved to Japan from Illinois over ten years ago. Recognizing that the stress levels among children in Japan were extremely high, she decided to combine her English and yoga expertise by opening a yoga studio for families and children.

Angie’s Little Namaste kids’ yoga studio in Kichijoji offers yoga classes for children ranging in ages from four to 12 years old. In addition, Little Namaste offers a “Baby Yoga” course for babies and toddlers. Angie’s innovative classes give children the opportunity to practice yoga poses and learn English at the same time.

According to a survey conducted by the Benesse Educational Research and Development Center in 2006, approximately 60% of elementary, junior and high school students feel “irritated”. Angie, who realizes that children in Japan need an outlet for their stress, says “These days, kids have a lot of stress that parents, and maybe the kids themselves, actually don’t realize [is there], and they do need some way to cope with that.”

In today’s society, it is easy for children and young adults to be tempted to try and relieve their stress through unnatural and potentially harmful ways. Angie is confident that an active yoga practice can help alleviate these temptations and create a sense of peace and calm in children’s lives.

Angie points out that yoga has a wide variety of benefits for children, including stress and anxiety reduction. “There are the physical benefits, the social benefits and also the relaxation thing and learning how to deal with stress.”

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