Spring Equinox – Celebrating the Seasons

John Sovec

Spring EquinoxTalk about feeling the effects of the spring equinox; I woke up Thursday morning and there was no choice but to clean my house. It was as if someone had set off an air raid siren and cleansing was the only action available to ease off the rush of energy flowing through me. I got a lot done that morning in a very short amount of time and it felt good to relinquish the rubbish that had accumulated in my space.

So what is an equinox? The word equinox actually means “equal night”; so the length of the day is equal to the length of the night, a unique event occurring only twice a year to mark the beginning of Spring and the end of Summer. For many ancient calendars it also marks the beginning of the New Year.

With the beginning of the New Year it is a chance to once again renew our commitment to ourselves and cleanse out that which is no longer necessary or useful to our growth as physical-mental-emotional-spiritual beings. The unfinished things and useless clutter that we find ourselves surrounded with can drag us down and present a continuous reminder of the incomplete projects we have set out for ourselves.

So give yourself time to look around and cleanse out that which is no longer assisting you in your personal growth. Examine your surroundings and see if you can identify stagnant energies that are drawing down your ability to blossom. Take the time now to set yourself up for a productive and invigorating summer and begin the New Year off in a clean, healthy space.

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Author: John Sovec

John Sovec is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher serving the community of Pasadena. In his therapy work John specializes in focusing clients on uncovering their personal strengths, building upon those strengths, and encouraging clients to live the best lives…

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