Doesn’t Anybody Call Anymore?

jane dagny

So I am somewhat of a tech junkie. Mp3 players, cameras, camcorders – I keep tabs on all of them. With all of the technology emerging, none has made the impact that Smartphones have. I predict that by the end of 2010, most people’s phones will be “smart.”

In reality, a cell phone is not really a phone anymore. I’d say that over 80% of the time I don’t even call my friends to talk. I text them. I reply to them on twitter via my twitterberry app on my Blackberry. I invite friends to events using Facebook mobile. Instead of talking to them, I write on their virtual walls. I communicate via email for business – most of the time through my “phone.”

Is voice dead? Of course not – it’s always nice to hear someone’s voice, but for those quick “how ya doin” or “where we going?”, text has taken over. Now if I could just decide between Blackberry, Android and iPhone…

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2 Responses to “Doesn’t Anybody Call Anymore?”

  1. spikey wong says:

    I believe in preserving the art of a handwritten letter, sent through the mail. There is something personal about receiving a “hard copy” correspondence, from a person who took the time and effort to actually write you a message, and sent it in the mail. And there is the journey the letter experienced which is evident in the postmark and the smudges, markings and other scars it picked up on its’ way to your mailbox. I know most people prefer texting, tweeting or email, but it just is not the same. Technology is great, but it has taken the human aspect out of communication. For me, sometimes faster is not necessarily better.

  2. Jared, how’s your new iPhone working for ya, I bet you’re phone use went down to less than 8% right?

    Spikey, I heard your mom even has a new iPad. Guess you’ll be getting some digital hand written notes that say “Sent from my iPad”. 🙂 Perhaps you can make a pen-pal with someone overseas, cause the rest of the world has gone digital.

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