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Rain on WindshieldWhen I left work last night, I was prepared for the traffic ahead. I was prepared to sit on the freeway for over an hour before I could get to my comfy home. It’s a typical expectation for someone who works and drives in LA, but what I was not prepared for was the rain.

The morning had started with bright sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. Driving to work, I felt as though I had been tanning the left side of my face. But by the evening, the day had turned cold and wet.

That’s fine. I decided to just take it slowly and drive carefully home since there was no rush – just dinner waiting. What else could I do? So I put on a good CD and tried to make the best of it. Suddenly, though, I found myself having to increase the speed of my windshield wipers. Nearing the end of my commute, the rain still did not let up. In fact, it’s as if the skies had been saving buckets and buckets of it, only to burst into a torrential downpour. I was only able to catch glimpses of the road with each pass of the windshield wiper, which was at its maximum speed. Since I could not see the divides in the street, I lined myself up behind dotted pairs of light shining from the car in front of me. That was all I could see to keep a safe distance and gauge my position. Sure, it was quiet dangerous. I felt like I was driving a slow-moving boat, with waves crashing beside me. Luckily, I was in good control of my car and got home safely. The bright side – my car got a shower and a bath.

So, besides staying focused on the road and half-listening to my CD, what else did I spend my entire time doing? Since I’m a bit of a multi-tasker, I ran through the list of things to do for work this morning. Check. That then left me free to think about my coming weekend.

I’m going to wake up Saturday by the light of the morning – no alarm clock. Then, I will eat a breakfast of fruits. I’ll keep it light so that I’ll have a fairly empty stomach before going to yoga class a bit later. After my class, I’ll be so energetic that I’ll want to go home, play music loudly, and dance around my house while I clean it. My evening will be left with whatever spontaneous thing happens, which I’ll keep to myself. On Sunday, I’ll get up at the break of dawn – this time with the help of an alarm clock – and head out for a nice 4.5-mile hiking trail with some friends and family. Let’s hope that the weather will turn out better. As of today’s forecast, there will be ‘light showers’, so we’ll be fine. I’ll be fine anyway because I’ll get to look forward to leaving the city for a bit and be closer to nature. If I remember to bring a camera, I’ll take some pictures and post them on MyYogaHub.

May you have a relaxing weekend too![tags] hiking, trail, relaxing, yoga, spend time with friends, weekends[/tags]

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