Regulating Yoga Teachers

Paloma Chavez

gymyoga.jpgI have often wondered if the yoga instructors at my local gym have the qualifications to teach yoga? And when I came across this article in the Brisbane Times, “Gyms to regulate yoga” it caused me to think twice about my own gym.

Although the instructors at my current gym seem open, gentle and confident, I must admit that I have not asked them directly of their previous experience. Most times I run into the class, make a little contact and then dash off to my next activity.

According to the article, after several complaints to the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA) about under qualified teachers in gym settings, the association has begun an intensive investigation into the matter. One of their findings that I found useful (to ask my own gym) was that some of the teachers only had a limited “one-or two-day course” and that “anyone can set themselves up as a yoga instructor, even if they have no qualifications.” This lack of professional experience resulted in students with injuries such as muscle tears and spinal injuries.

What an important reminder to always have an open and thorough conversation with the instructor as well as with the management of the gym or studio about their past experience and training.

In a few days we will report back on what we find out about the regulations for instructors in the U.S. If you have any personal stories or information about this, please share it with the YogaHub community.

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