Reflection on Routine

Paloma Chavez

DC_Routine_12.12.08.jpgThis past week, I have had a stream of old friends reappear in my life. Through e-mail or letters, they’ve spoken of how their lives have been shaping up and what they still aim to accomplish in the years ahead. One was experiencing a recent death in their family, which caused them to begin the “Life is moving so quickly” reflection. Another was grumbling about the onset of muscle and joint aches that just wouldn’t go away. And one was rejoicing in her own determination to find the time to take a regular run in the hills, no matter how busy her week is.

As I took in their thoughtful musings, it inspired me to review my own daily routine and question where I’ve been finding the joy in my life – and if I’m looking out for it on a regular basis. Every morning I wake up, drink some water, feed the animals, start the coffee…it seems like a good start to the day.

But then I realized there was something missing. I could feel it in my chest – a tightness; a resistance.

Where was my yoga practice? Didn’t I equate that to having a complete day? Or had I put routine in front of preparedness? I knew from experience that when I took the time to put yoga at the top of my routine, the rest of the day moved with less stress and I was at ease. The day was not without its challenges, but I was able to call up a more balanced response to any situation.

So why did I often neglect it in my routine? Although I don’t pretend to know the answer, I have decided to take action by taking a moment each morning to hold myself still, breathe, let everything around me take its own course. The dogs will not starve, the coffee will still be caffeinated, but this moment is the beginning of a new day.

So, for just a few more moments each day, I practice the Mountain pose – and it rejuvenates me.

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