NEWS: Yoga Allievates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

News Item: Yoga Alleviates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Yoga exercises can be highly effective in alleviating Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Details of Report:

A study involving 42 patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome divided the participants into 2 groups: one receiving instructions in yoga movements and relaxation for upper body joints and the second group receiving wrist splints. The results showed that “the yoga group had achieved a very significant 42 per cent decrease in pain score and a 15 per cent increase in grip strength. There were no significant changes in pain or grip strength in the wrist splint group.”

Source: Journal of American Medical Association

Garfinkel, Marian S., et al. Yoga-based intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome. Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 280, November 11, 1998, pp. 1601-03

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