NEWS: Tibetan Yoga Used for Meditation and Visualization Techniques for Cancer Patients

News Item: National Cancer Institute Supports Yoga Study

The National Cancer Institute will fund a large clinical trial in which women with breast cancer who are scheduled to undergo chemotherapy will be randomly assigned to a Tibetan yoga group, a control group that does simple stretching exercises or to a group that receives standard care.


The meditative and visualization techniques available in Tibetan forms of yoga practice may have additional positive effects on the immune and hormonal systems vital to health.
Details of Research

Tibetan yoga uses visualization techniques in addition to breathing and stretching techniques. This study will consider known factors affecting the quality of life of cancer patients such as better sleep and positive attitude but also the possibility of a boost to immune system because of Tibetan meditative visualization techniques.
Co-researcher Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D., states that: “There is extensive evidence showing that stress suppresses cell-mediated immunity, a component of the immune system involved in tumor surveillance. Tibetan yoga also might have an impact on patients’ hormonal activity.”

Source: CANCER WISE newsletter

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