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Sunrise Over LakeWe hear this every year don’t we? Yes, I’m talking about New Year’s resolutions. Look at any top five or top ten list (including maybe your own), there’s got to be one up there about improving your health. Whether that means to exercise more, to lose weight or eat better, it all points to the desire to be physically and mentally healthier than the year before. I personally tend not to make resolutions when the year is about to change for no other reason than the fact that I’m still working on goals always. To be honest, I don’t always complete them.

It’s not to say I cannot commit to a task. Oh yes, I can. I remember when I started pilates a few years back. I was very dedicated. Ok, so I did not use a machine. Fine, but I would regimentally follow a DVD each day for about 45 minutes during the mornings. I just wanted to see whether it was possible for me to put in the time and effort to make changes in my body. Whether I was busy or not, I committed to a workout five days a week for about 6 months.

I remember sweating pretty well after a pilates workout. As if that was not enough, I would follow up with a Tae Bo series of punches and kicks. By the end of that, I was sweating buckets. For me, perspiring a lot meant that I was working out. It paid off, my muscles were lean and I dropped a dress size; I felt flexible and energized. Basically, my bod was rockin’. On occasion, I’ve been known to wear short shorts too (and I don’t wear short shorts). In the end, I met this get-fit personal challenge all on my own.

Now, a bit older, I don’t equate sweating heavily with a great workout. And I don’t care to wear short shorts, never did. I just want to be healthier, less stressful and generally, more at ease with everything I do. Yoga helps to answer some of these things. While I still like pilates, and to occasionally kick and punch, what I’d change on this path is to have more fun by having a buddy along the way.

I would suggest doing the same for yourself; find a friend with whom to accomplish your new goals. Since this is the time of year for a fresh start, it’s likely that someone may have the same goals, and you’d want each other’s support. While you’re at it, you can check off: spend more time with friends. If you prefer to meet your goals on your own, know that with focus, it’s achievable. Best wishes!

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