Neti Pot Challenge

angie harris

AT_neti-pot-2_03.24.09.JPGWell, I’m into Day 2 of my Neti Pot challenge and there’s not much to report, except that I’m still feeling like a leaky faucet. However, even though I’m not convinced of its merits, I’ve decided to continue using the Neti Pot.

Second time around, same results as the day before.

I’m blowing my nose a lot and keep feeling like I’m getting a nose bleed.There’s no way I’m getting accustomed to what the Neti pot is supposed to offer.

I still think it’s a strange and foreign concept for me to put something to my nose and consciously decide to pour water into my nostrils. But I’m determined to persevere with what is rapidly becoming a form of water torture.

Stay tuned….

Neti Pot Experiences:

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