Navaratri: Lakshmi and Prosperity

Margaret Kruszewska

Navaratri Lakshmi ProsperityProsperity can be a difficult idea, if not an outright taboo subject, in some spiritual circles – including in yoga communities.  While renouncing all worldly pleasures, including the enjoyment of being comfortable and well physically, can be a yogic path-it is by no means the only or even the ultimate path. 

In India achieving wealth (artha) is considered one of the necessary fulfillments in life.  In addition to taking care of physical needs for you and your loved ones, artha also includes the riches of friendship and knowledge.

We can understand that type of wealth easily but perhaps material wealth confuses some of us in the spiritual arts because it is not always achieved through admirable means.  And because we see others suffering from too much or too little of it.

I also remember a lot of shame being attached to the subject of making a living from teaching yoga or the healing arts  – back when I received my training when it was not really considered a profession to be a yoga teacher.  Things have changed but many of us struggling to align our livelihood with our beliefs can still slip into wondering if we “should” be allowed to do this and live comfortably.

Understanding and celebrating Lakshmi energy can help us see the answer more clearly.

Jai Lakshmi Ma!

Photo by Basia

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