More Men in Yoga Class

jane dagny

Man in MeditationLast week, I went to a yoga class in the middle of the week. Normally, I wouldn’t have time to do that right after work, but I was able to squeeze in a session before dinner.

Needless to say, this is not my regular class, so I was struck by the number of men there– they outnumbered the women. It brought to mind one of our newsletter article topics about how most yoga classes are attended by women even though men have been instrumental in teaching and developing yoga. That article encourages more men to do yoga because of all the benefits they would feel from practicing it.

When I arrived to find that I was the only female to join the three men already standing and stretching on their mats, I thought, “Cool”. Then two more guys walked in – wow, even better. It’s good to see the trend happening where yoga is attracting more diverse people. From what I can guess, their ages ranged from the late twenties to early fifties, and they were all of different races. They all looked very happy to be there. And since no partners were with them, I figured they had come on their own volition, and no one had dragged them to a dreadful new experience.

To further diversify – and as much as I liked being the only female in the room – I was glad when an older woman walked in and took a spot to my right. Then two young ladies also came in right before class began.

As for our instructor, who was substituting for another teacher, he turned out to be a guy. So there you have it – a yoga practice where the men outnumbered the women that night.

But hey, who cares whether there are more men or women in a yoga class. We should be proud to keep doing what’s good for us.
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