Mind, Breath, Body in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

What is it that makes yoga so effective? How is it different from working out or stretching or other forms of relaxation? Why must definitions and explanations of yoga include diverse interpretations from philosophical works, sacred texts and living traditions?

Yoga is meant to be practiced and experienced. Although there are aspects of yogic principles that have been analyzed and debated in the commentaries of such teacher-sages as Sankara and Patanjali, the practice of yoga serves as the best study of its purposes and effects.

Although many different lineages or schools of yoga exist; all present techniques to still the mind by becoming aware of the breath which then affects our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

This is very different from a “work-out” which requires you to concentrate on the physical body, disconnect from your mind and ignore the breath all together.

-Margaret “saraswati” 

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