Marci Shimoff Brings Out My Inner Love-Nerd

Lia Aprile

I am going to make an embarrassing confession and tell you that as SOON as this call was over, I went right over to Marci Shimoff’s YogaHub profile page and wrote her a very nerdy email. And although nerdiness and adoration are two of my strong suits, I am not usually one to write “I love you” emails to complete strangers. I am going to blame the awesomeness of Marci’s message in her session today entitled Love for No Reason – More Than You Ever Dreamed Of, for my ensuing fan-dom.

I knew nothing about Marci upon going into this session and was, in fact, a little dubious…I’ve heard a lot of people talk about “love” over the years, and it’s an easy subject to abuse (with lots of love language and not a lot of substance), but I was pleasantly surprised both by Marci and by the content of her workshop.

Marci Shimoff is the author of a number of books (many of them NY Times bestsellers) and her latest, Love for No Reason, was the foundation of this morning’s workshop.

Marci is a pretty fascinating chick and, if you want to know all the nitty-gritty of her work and her life, I suggest you check out her website,, as there’s too much for me to even scratch the surface of here. But I will just say, the lady KNOWS that of which she speaks. And what she speaks of is…love.

Love, love, love. The power of love, the science of love, the electromagnetic current of love, the practice of love and love as our number one reason for being, the numero uno job description of the human condition. Apparently, I agree with much of what she said, as a few times throughout the hour I found myself spontaneously bursting into those little tear-less sobs – you know the kind I’m talking about? The kind that just burst out of you like laughter and leave your heart softer on the other side?

(That is officially embarrassing confession number two.)

But the other thing, and maybe the BEST thing about Marci, is that she was not all talk. Included in her workshop were: 1. Several pieces of very compelling evidence that love is a measurable and powerful force in the world, and in individual lives; and 2. Several straightforward practices that a person could do every day in the privacy of his or her own home or head or heart to start increasing the flow of love in their lives, right away. This, for me, is the sign of someone who has work of real value to present – the ability to start to experiment with and test the evidence of a practice right away. That is a powerful thing.

Marci also emphasized the importance of practice…just as with all of these things that we implement to improve our lives, whether it be diet or exercise or meditation, there is a need for consistency and dedication if anything is going to be worthwhile. And sometimes I really need to be reminded of that.

I think that for all of us attending and participating in this conference, it’s so important to remember that the listening all by itself can not effect change. Great speakers and great material can inspire us towards change, but the actual habit-changing/thought-bending work…that is ours to do, and it has to be done with devotion and with regularity.

I highly recommend you check Marci’s session titled “Love For No Reason” (where there are some crazy discounts on several of her teaching tools) and on her website…she will, for sure, help you to crack open your heart just a little bit wider if you do.

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