We’ve Come a Long Way, Mario

jane dagny

JA_Lets-Yoga.JPGWhen I was growing up, I loved Nintendo. I was in love with my console. Whether it was Street Fighter II or Final Fantasy, I would log hours on end gaming. My mom hated it (even as she would unsuccessfully challenge me to a match of Street Fighter) and would often say, “video games are good for nothing.” Well…a lot has changed since 1991. Gaming consoles became an integral part of my generation’s life. Instead of shedding consoles as we grew up, we just bought different games.

The game developers took notice. These days, there are countless games geared towards adults, and have more “functional” themes. We have the Wii Fit. Now we have Konami’s Let’s Yoga! Peep IGN’s review of Let’s Yoga! What’s exciting is that the game is produced for the Nintendo DS platform. A handheld system of the Nintendo Game Boy lineage (whoa remember that!!), Nintendo DS coupled with Let’s Yoga! make a perfect travel companion. And remember Gamers…you need all the relaxation you can get after that 3 hour Halo party or 5 hour Guitar Hero tour…you know what I mean?

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