It’s over and done!

angie harris

Wow, what a journey the last couple of weeks have been. We have finally completed our first Virtual Teleconference! As a member of the YogaHub team, I am surprised that we were all able to pull it off in such a short time frame, and the response has been overwhelming from everyone who was involved (participants, speakers, etc).

Reflecting on this whole journey, I think there were a lot of things that my teammates, Christina and Segovia, had to go through. There were many hurdles to jump over, but I think the rewards were definitely worth it. Emotions and stress levels ran high, but we all pulled through. Good call by Christina to have daily yoga in the morning to Shantha’s music, to help center and focus us on the tasks at hand.

The week leading up to the Conference was a roller coaster ride for everyone: working late hours, trying to repair equipment that was not working, and getting up in the early hours of the morning. For me, this journey was not only a physical journey, but a mental one as well. I think I surprised myself at what I am capable of doing.

For those who have listened to the calls (as I did), there was A LOT of information to absorb in such a short period of time! Hopefully, I can get through all the replays and ask questions in the forum. Such a wealth of knowledge was given to us in only a few days, and it’s going to take a while to absorb it all. The speakers were amazing! And the feedback we got from participants has been overwhelming (in a positive way).
Thank you to all those who joined on this crazy journey with us!

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  1. Just had a call from friends in Switzerland that I sent a link to the VC last month.
    She wanted to forward the link to another friend who has practiced yoga for years,
    but “didn’t quite get it” and couldn’t explain the VC to her friend.
    During this call, I lost my connection to the recorded playback I was listening to.
    Boo-Hoo! Yes Angie, it is indeed o-v-e-r, done and it was sooo beyond.
    Great work gang, thanks for all the hours, emotions and hurdles it took to bring
    us this high level presentation of your vision.

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