In the Land of OM – Adventure #2

Cat Chin

After leaving Saul’s yoga experience, I’m hungry and ready to check out the food offerings at the Eco-Conscious Marketplace. There are some wonderful food vendors and, if you are a vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant foodie, this would be heaven for you. Being a non-vegan omnivore, I’m surprised by the incredible selection of vegetarian fare available.

I really enjoyed the samosas just the right amount of spice and heat infused into the potato and peas, fried crispy crust and served with a hot and sweet plum colored sauce. There is lots of raw food too. I opted for the raw curry vegetables, which was tasty and crunchy, with lots of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and onions. But in the foggy coolness, I would have preferred the hot cooked version.

There is also quite an assortment of veggie burgers, with avocado and cashew cheese (I did not know they made cheese out of cashews) and all sorts of variations and sauces, but I am getting full. And I remember seeing a gelato stand when I first entered the marketplace. I love ice cream and fortunately, my companion is a five-year-old with a very sophisticated palate. So we had mango and strawberry sorbet, which was outstanding, although my favorite was the Cappuccino chocolate chip! Too bad I had to share it!

There is a varied selection of eco-friendly products, including yoga clothing and mats, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and CDs and DVDs. Many of the sponsors, like Luna Bars, offer free samples. Even Subaru is giving away very nice yoga mats with carrying straps if you enter the hourly drawing. My favorite freebie is a drink called Coconut Water. The pineapple flavor is delicious, and could even be converted into a Pina Colada with a bit of rum and cream (or soy milk, if you prefer), sipped poolside at a spa in Napa Valley. Just dreaming . . .

Time to get to the next event.

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