Flexibility and Balance as important as Cardio and Strength

Recent Study Report: To Avoid ‘Boomeritis,’ Exericise, Exercise, Exercise

The New York Times medical author, Jane E. Brody, writes that the 30-minutes a day of walking idea is just not enough to maintain health. Aerobic-centered work-outs neglect the musculoskeletal system which result in increased injuries to tendons, ligaments and bone fractures.

Conclusion and Relevance to Yoga
Adding Yoga asanas to your physical routine will integrate the additional key health elements of balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.
Details of Report

Doctors have noticed an increase in common sports injuries in older adult populations. Rigorous aerobic activities combined with decreased daily physical activities may create additional physical problems for aging bodies.

“Strength declines as muscle fibers decrease in size and number and as the supply of nerve stimulation and energy to the muscles diminishes. Balance deteriorates as muscles tighten and weaken and joints lose their full range of motion.Flexibility declines because connective tissue throughout the body becomes less elastic. And endurance falls off because of reduced flexibility, weakened muscles, and stiffer lungs and blood vessels.”

In addition to getting our heart rate going, we should also include exercises that enhance our strength, flexibility and balance.

The New York Times, Health, December 19, 2006

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