Creating Community

Megan Mcdonough

I had no idea if teaching yoga to seniors would suit me. I thought I would be overwhelmed managing the physical limitations, or perhaps bored with a gentler practice. As it worked out, though, I absolutely love the two senior yoga classes I teach each week at the senior center. They are the highlight of my day.

The most pleasant surprise has been the bonding of community. There’s a genuine concern for each other’s wellbeing. There have been many medical emergencies, such as hip or knee replacements. Just last week, we had a 92-year-old student leave via stretcher after a dizzy spell. But through illness, death, and celebrations, we’re here for each other.

No matter what you’re able to do physically, you are welcomed.

You may find a ride to class when your car breaks down. Or receive a card in the mail when you’ve been sick. Or get a phone call if you haven’t been to class.

This strong sense of connection and community has got me thinking. How can we foster this support in an online community such as this one right here at YogaHub?

Here are a few ideas I have…

  • Be interested in other YogaHub members. Did you know you can search the membership for similar interests, or for people who live near you?
  • Invite your other friends to join YogaHub.
  • Write a blog post, and comment on another’s blog that you find interesting.
  • Share a quick snippet from your day and send another well wishes in their comment section.
  • Acknowledge milestones of your friends at YogaHub, such as an anniversary or other life events.
  • Write a product review on ShopYogaHub, sharing your opinion.
  • Stay connected with community learning by joining the annual virtual conference.

Do you have other ideas? Feel free to comment below and add to the discussion!

There are lessons to be learned and gifts to be received when we look upon this virtual space as a community. In community, we support one another. We challenge one another. We find laughter and lightheartedness with each other. Bottom line: it’s more fun to practice together than alone.

  • Megan McDonough is an award-winning author of A Minute for Me, yoga teacher, and marketing consultant to wellness organizations. Connect with her through YogaHub.
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    3 Responses to “Creating Community”

    1. Wow ! Well your doing a great and noble job by teaching yoga to old people . It really means a lot to them . Yes old people tend to be unselfish towards each other and are often very concern for each others well being .

    2. Cathy says:

      I’m taking your suggestions seriously about supporting the YogaHub community – and particularly identified with this article about teaching elders. It’s very gratifying to see folks who often surprise themselves with what they can do. I learn as much as I teach.

    3. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for your comment! I enjoyed reading your blog–especially the post about Peggy Cappy’s Yoga for the Rest of Us training. And I was impressed with her split:-)

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