Considering Gender in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

With all we know about how moving through life is different if you are a Male or a Female, how is it that in writings or studies about yoga- gender remains unmentioned.

Actually, let me reframe that: the yogic experience remains defined by the language of the male body, most frequently noted or recorded by a male author. This despite the obvious outnumbering of female yoga practitioners to male in just about all your yoga classes. (And I must point out the other gender imbalance-the “famous” yoga teachers are mostly male teaching predominantly female audiences.)

What is the female yogic experience? Is it different from the male experience? I’ve devoted the past decade exploring this issue but remain frustrated at the underlying assumptions found in popular and scholarly literature on the yoga experience. It continues to be explained in terms of sensations of the the male body, which I can only half relate to.

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