Chaos Rocks Yoga

Paloma Chavez

chaos.jpgSo when you attend your local yoga studio, typically there is a waft of soft, melodic, perhaps meditation music welcoming you into the class. If you attend a class led by yoga teacher Chaos you could be listening to tracks from Marilyn Manson or Rage against the Machine.

Chaos is a lithe, cropped hair, tattooed committed yoga teacher who is putting her own rhythms and twists to her yoga instruction in Hollywood CA.  A longtime fitness and yoga instructor leads an active life as a dancer, bartender, and yoga teacher for pre-school youth. According to an interview in the Guardian, she says about her classes,” It’s not just for punks and tattooed people. There are some really everyday office-job types who come down.”

A recent release of her yoga DVD called Yoga for Indie Rockers highlights her own unique personality with the same resounding Indie rock soundtrack. Reviewer Leonie Cooper says, “Chaos’s Indie Rocker series has me sufficiently intrigued to finally try a home workout.”

In the midst of her active schedule she seeks balance, “I try to keep a balance; I think that’s important in life. Though I work out, I still like to go out to bars and the punk clubs, but I eat well and take care of my fitness.”

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