Celebrity Yoga?

elbert traister

celebrity-yoga.jpgThe Los Angeles Dodgers recently had an event where fans had the opportunity to do a yoga workout, taught by Andre Ethier, the right fielder, on the grass in Dodger Stadium. This is quite a unique marketing tactic that has become more common in an economy where profits have dwindled for most businesses.

Of course, the use of celebrities to attract customers and money is nothing new. However, taking a yoga class from a celebrity is and, for this particular event, a portion of the proceeds from each of the $100 tickets went to a charitable cause. Around 100 people showed up for the session – or about $10,000 worth of students. 

Now, if you are thinking that it takes a celebrity to get people to spend $100 for one yoga class, think again. More than half the people at the event said they would do it again for the same price, without Andre Ethier.
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