Bare Your Yoga

Paloma Chavez

nakedyoga.jpgIn New Mexico, a naked yoga class takes place in a safe and supportive environment, led by Scott Lehman. Across the nation a number of studios are considering the benefits of doing yoga in the nude. While yoga students are still a bit shy, there are a number of classes that are either co-ed or male only.

For Scott Lehman who is a trained Integral yoga teacher he believes “One of the reasons it feels so good is that yoga is about really having an intimate relationship with your body, and when you don’t have clothing, that’s what you’re left with.”

nakedyoga.jpgSome students have voiced that they appreciated the freedom that they experienced by not having to contend with binding clothing. Others spoke of being able to have a closer and intimate relationship with their bodies. A regular student of Mr. Lehman says “It’s not a sexual environment. I really enjoy his very professional and knowledgeable approach.”

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