Night Club to Yoga Center

Paloma Chavez

Baba RamdevFor years, the Deepa Bar & Restaurant was a popular nightclub in Mumbai that was frequented by a wide selection of party-goers, ranging from Bollywood celebrities, tourists, and politicians, to certain nefarious individuals of the underworld. Then four years ago, when its owner, Mallappa Shetty died, the club closed down and the property remained vacant until recently.

The Varija Mallappa Charitable Trust has donated the property to Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yogapeeth, which is transforming it into a yoga center. During his speech following the laying of the foundation for the center, Swami Ramdev said, “I am very happy that a place which was being used for destructing people’s lives will now be used for making lives of various people happier and healthier. People who used to come here for lust and addiction will now be coming for meditation”.

With a range of yoga training, meditation, and free services for the poor, the center will be a place of spiritual and physical rejuvenation. Swami Ramdev expressed his hope that “all bars here should be converted into yoga centers in order to have a better society and healthy living”.

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