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Gold Leaf OmWell, I’m still coughing but am feeling much better than I felt last week.

During the weekend, I decided to go back to my regular yoga class so that I could start to build more stamina and align my bones and joints, which were aching from my lying in bed when I had the flu.

There were almost 20 students in the class and I saw a lot of new faces. I was so excited to be back at class again and be able to practice my yoga.We started by lying on our yoga mats, gathering soul, mind, and body, and breathing deeply and properly. Then we sat on the mat and started chanting om. At first, it was cold in the room because it was raining outside. But once we got into our chanting, the room became warmer. It was like the energies generating from our bodies warmed up the whole room.

While the room heated up, our bodies built up energy. After a few minutes, we were ready to move onto some poses. The instructor had us do similar poses to our usual ones but this time she made them more challenging. There were several poses I’d never done, which was great. The class itself was still concentrating more on stretching than physical challenges, but that suited me because my goal after recovering from the flu is to realign my body and build more stamina.

What I didn’t except after the practice was to stop coughing!

Even though I’d recovered from the flu, I’d been having a problem with a persistent, dry cough. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get rid of that cough.

But after my yoga class, I found that I was coughing much less!

I really didn’t know yoga could help me stop coughing. Maybe it was because I breathed deeply and evenly during the practice, which enabled my lungs to fill up with air for 90 minutes.

Wow, another wonderful discovery in yoga.

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