Ayurveda Defines Three Root Causes of Disease 3

Chaya~Sharon Heller

In my last blog, I talked about the first and second causes of disease. The third cause of disease is considered the most important of all, time. “Time” means living according to the rhythms of nature and understanding the symptoms of change, which Patanjali also speaks about in his Yoga Sutras III-13 to III-16. As the sun moves and changes in quality and form, it governs specific functions and abilities. For example, the rising sun and its quality and function of creation; the mid-day sun and its quality and function of sustaining and nourishing life; and the setting sun and its quality and function of transformation. The same sun shines through each one of us, like unique pieces of stained glass, mirroring the same changes throughout the day, season and lifetime. Yoga practice is primarily for balancing the qualities of the mind, and Ayurvedic practice is primarily for balancing the qualities of the body.

They overlap and interconnect, as both are the synergy of understanding how the body and mind, with all of their qualities and functions, are subject to change. An example of this is given by Swami Shyam in his Patanjali Yog Darshan: the transformation of water into vapor or ice and back again is representative of time, or the natural movement and change of the water element. Thereby, living according to Time means living according to the time of day, the season, the age, the constitution (dosha), and the condition of the individual — and this brings and maintains balance and health.

This is a fundamental principle of Yoga and Ayurveda and a prominent feature in Ayurvedic treatment. The formation, vitiation, aggravation, and alleviation of doshas or biological humors or elements, organs, tissues and waste products are governed by this alchemy. The Ayurvedic treatment process and the Yoga Sequencing is based on this principle of balance, and the purification and harmony that these practices together achieve. The removal of these obstacles to health also creates the environment for the individual to know who they are, bringing the freedom to be fully alive and one with creation.

All changes at any level of the body and mind are influenced by the forces of time and intelligence, as well as one’s ability to live in this awakened state of pure consciousness. This in turn allows for clarity, infinite wisdom, longevity and good health.

Ayurveda Defines Three Root Causes of Disease

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Author: Chaya~Sharon Heller

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