A Life Beyond Limitations

Paloma Chavez

matthew.jpg“Waking is a harrowing story of courage, and a primer for joy.” – Louise Erdich

In each of our lives we seek out stories that can inspire and reveal moments of courage and humanity, and that will continue to encourage us in our daily lives. Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence by Matthew Sanford, is one such story.

At the Yoga Therapy Conference in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to meet the author and yoga teacher Matthew Sanford. Having written of him and his work, it was a treasured moment to be in his presence. Full of enthusiasm, compassion and humor he read an excerpt from his book retelling the first moments in the hospital after the car accident that left him paralyzed.

The audience of yoga professionals, students and medical practitioners were silent and focused on the intimate subtleties of a man triumphant and yet ordinary to himself. Later that day I watched him generously extend his teaching in a hallway to a woman needing advice about her own injuries. Without hesitation he made slight but significant adjustments to the student, which she quickly understood and was thankful. An effortless gesture with great impact.

This month, his profound and inspiring book is being released in paperback, which we have made available in our YogaHub Shop. It is an embracing and life-affirming journey of acceptance, hope and determination. Read it and share your thoughts with us.

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