2012, Apocalypse or Not?

Anatara Buckley

Being patient while the shift happens…

I know many people who feel that they are not ‘doing’ enough right now. They feel that there simply must be something that they should be actively engaged in, something that, in the ‘doing’, is working for the greater good.

Many sense that there is deep planetary change afoot. They can feel themselves perched on the cusp of a change. The change seems imminent. The change seems rather pressing. The change feels unavoidable. There is also a sense that whatever the change may be, it is more important than anything else that may have happened to them thus far in their lives.

We are all feeling something. For some of us, it feels inevitable. For some, it feels frightening. For others, there is the understanding that we must engage in whatever it is by actively participating in the movement. There must be a role for each individual to play.

Discovering what this role is becomes paramount for many.

There is the feeling that, unless we know how to participate, we are wasting our time. Or we are not taking the responsibility of being human seriously enough.

Within the collective consciousness of the concept of 2012, there are many paths to follow. There are many interpretations of the information available about the evolution and change we approach.

What is really going to happen?
For that matter what is happening already?

I see that we are in the flow of a kind of harmonization between the cosmos, the earth, we the people, and consciousness. As a collective of species on earth, we have been in an evolutionary journey spanning millennia. As individuals, we arrived from numerous sources to engage with life here on earth. This life, which we participate in collectively, is ready for an upscale.

The “upscaling” is going to have a number of forms to it. Some things may feel cataclysmic and destructive, some things may carry us into a delicious state of togetherness and bliss.

Whether you experience it as an ‘apocalypse’ or not is up to you…

So, as we return to the question of what each of us is meant to do, I offer the following as a way to make peace with the shift.

The shift is happening – we are all a part of it… Be as patient as you can be with the pace of the shift for yourself. Sometimes you will be in a holding pattern, where it seems that you don’t know how to act. Sometimes you will be certain that it is time to ‘do’ something. And it will be clear what you need to do!

Your role is to be present, and to “do” that which is clear to you in the moment. When it’s not clear, perhaps then your role is to remain calm, and wait until it is clear.

Take it easy, take it breathfully, take it together…

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    Author: Anatara Buckley

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