Using Yoga for Depression

here are a many articles that state how yoga is a positive experience for everyone. However, can yoga help someone who is suffering from depression?

[post-img]Depression is a very serious condition that can debilitate a person for months, if not years. If you find that you have been unable to shake out of a prolonged state of melancholy or general pessimism about your life, you should contact a doctor to advise you on the best solution for your condition. Determining your mental health is crucial to knowing what avenue will best be supportive of your goals.

With this in mind, there is quite a difference between a diagnosed depression and saying to a friend "I am feeling a little depressed today." We have all experienced that temporary feeling where our optimism is lacking and we are projecting negative energy to those around us. This can occur for any number of reasons, from a recent argument with a friend to frustrations at work. And we have the ability to recognize from past experiences that we are able to get through these times fairly well.

[tip-fact]However, perhaps you are now looking for some additional support and exploring other methods that will enable you to create a more consistent healthy outlook, which could also better prepare you for the next time life is a bit more challenging than usual.

[b-quote]Using yoga for depression can be a very useful form of exercise that will enable you to bring about a natural feeling of well-being. Since yoga focuses on being aware of your internal as well as your external self, it has been recommended by physicians and therapists as a holistic approach to depression. Yoga proposes to unite body, mind and spirit through its practice of poses (asanas) and breathing techniques. Because it requires you to stretch and elongate your muscles, it helps to unwind tightened areas that may be holding stress and tension. By releasing these toxic elements, your body responds with more flexibility, strength and full relaxation. A yoga practice is also ideal for establishing a time each day to let go of your daily concerns or worries, which then leaves time for you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and its environment.

Using yoga for depression is not an absolute cure, so remember to acknowledge if you are experiencing a longer than usual time of despair. Rather than making any predispositions, however, you should contact a friend or a doctor to help you assess your situation.

Yoga can help with milder forms of depression, so there is no need to continue feeling dejected or alone in the world. Start by attending a class. Sit in the back if you have to, but try and remain open to the possibility that, through learning how to connect your body and your breath, you will be able to enjoy a life that is imbued with renewed positive energy.