Can’t Make It to A Yoga Class? Try Using Yoga DVDs

n today's busy lifestyle, maintaining an active exercise regimen can sometimes be the
last thing we plan for, and often it will be relegated to the bottom of our daily to-do list.
Even an expensive gym membership is not enough incentive for us and it will most likely
go unused for weeks at a time.

[post-img]Over the last several years, at-home exercise videos have become a popular alternative or addition to going to the gym. Even though yoga classes are still widely attended, using yoga DVDs as an enhancement to a full practice has quickly become the next best thing to attending an actual class.

The following is a basic list of what to consider before you begin your at- home yoga practice.

1. The many forms of yoga.
Although yoga has been around for centuries, there are still new forms emerging every year. It is important to familiarize yourself with the oldest as well as the latest practices
prior to your purchase. There are practices that focus on building stamina or help you to reduce
stress. Some are centered around the purpose of rapid movements, while others emphasize breath and various breathing techniques.[tip-fact]

2. Go Online

So much valuable information can be found online. There are several yoga sites that will guide you through the most detailed information about performing yoga on a daily basis. You might want to start by searching for reviews of the latest yoga DVDs and reading interviews with local and international yoga instructors. You may also want to check out blogs and forums as places to ask questions and get more information on the practice of yoga.

Here are a couple websites that will provide you with information on yoga:

  • – Magazine with News & Interviews
  • – Excellent Blog for sharing information and getting your
    questions answered

  • 3. How healthy are you today?

    As you well know, it is important to seek advice from your health practitioner before you begin any exercise regime. Be honest about any recent injuries or lingering aches or pains. In most cases, this will not restrict you from your yoga practice, but rather it may assist in the healing of these injured or ailing areas of your body. Along with this, you should also have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your yoga practice. To help you determine this, you should recognize what your goals are – does your body want more flexibility training, or is your goal to lose weight or to find a yoga practice that tones and strengthens your total body?

    4. Where do you practice?

    [b-quote]Typically, the reason you want to purchase yoga DVDs is because you want the freedom to manage your time during the day. However, you also have to consider where and how you will take that time to practice. Attending a class may help you focus on your practice and not on your work, but it is not always a guarantee. When practicing yoga at home, it is best to find a quiet time and a room in your house that will enable you to set aside all other concerns so that you can take full advantage of your yoga DVD and training videos.

    5. A yoga class first?

    If you are a beginner or an out-of-practice intermediate, it is a good idea to attend a short series of classes at your local yoga studio or gym. The benefits you will receive by having an experienced teacher at your side will only give you added confidence to continue your yoga practice at home.

    Using yoga DVDs at home, while traveling, or with friends is one of the best alternatives to actually being in a class. Some other advantages are that you will have the opportunity to experience an array of yoga teachers from around the world, you can choose what time of the day best suits your schedule, and if you need to take a break during a session, you can do so at your leisure.

    So take a breath, relax and try one yoga DVD at a time. It is easy to become curious about all of the options you will find, but take your time. As with any class, you will want to learn as much as you can from it before moving on to the next session.  Remember there is no rush because your class begins when you want it to.