Commiting To The Self With Tantric Yoga

ith all the different types of yoga out there, how do you choose the right one that will be most beneficial to you? Keeping that thought in mind, have you ever heard of tantric yoga? Often, when people first hear about Tantra, various images pop up that are usually completely inaccurate. Many people think of free love, orgies, and sex with random partners. However, the actual practice of tantra promotes a deliberate holistic awareness that can be achieved in the meditative process together with an intimate partner for spiritual union.  

[post-img]The tantric way of looking at the world defines everything as sacred, especially sexuality. Recently, many people from western cultures have become interested in Tantra. It has been said that this is a result of the west's inhibited and repressed conceptualization of sex and people's interest in seeking a view of sex that is deeper, more significant and more meaningful.  

Tantric Sex is an ancient practice that focuses on building intimacy between couples. This is done by re-focusing the act of sex from the end result to training the partners to be present in the moment so that they can work together to achieve complete union. In addition, the tantric yoga positions that promote tantric sex tend to encourage the woman to take the top position that will more readily facilitate her orgasm while simultaneously promoting the delay of orgasm for the man. In this way, the dual roles of both partners are reconstructed to reflect the responsibility of either to each other. This also encourages both partners to communicate with each other and respect each other during the act of making love.

[tip-fact]A fundamental notion is that sex is sacred. Because of that, each individual is responsible for the satisfaction of both partners. It is a move away from uncommunicative and selfish motives for sex that can sometimes occur. Tantric sex is about promoting a positive attitude and community through sexuality. For this reason, many couples who have hit a rut in their relationship have turned toward this method as a means of teaching them how to reconnect with their partner and build a deeper and more significant spiritual intimacy while also improving their sex lives.    

For most people, the results have been profound and rewarding. Many new initiates who are somewhat familiar with yoga see certain similarities because of many of the positions and the emphasis on breathing methods. Although some of the positions somewhat coincide[b-quote with other yoga positions, what makes tantric yoga different is what the individual brings to it.

]With every set of partners, it can become something completely distinct because of the energies and uniqueness that each person brings to the union. You do not have to be flexible or incredibly athletic to start practicing tantric sex either.  It is a truly universal approach to a sexual union that can be practiced by anyone.  

The word “tantra” comes from a sanskrit word that refers to opening up and expanding. The tantric approach to sex is to encourage people to open themselves up to communicating with each other.  Sexual pleasure is considered an experience of divine forces, especially because in many ancient cultures sexual energy was perceived as life energy. Perhaps this is why so many people are looking for more information about this practice.