Is Losing Weight With Yoga Effective?

here are many factors that go into average weight gain, just as there are several factors that lead to losing those unwanted pounds and inches. With all of the overexposure of fad diets and high impact exercise programs that are dominating the news, it is little wonder why losing weight with yoga is now becoming one of the favorite alternatives for creating a healthy lifestyle. By practicing a consistent yoga regimen, you will find renewed energy and general well-being, which are crucial to attaining a healthy body.

[post-img]When you think about losing weight, yoga may not necessarily pop into your head as the first method to try. But it is actually one of the most integrative exercise plans that will enable you to naturally lose the weight you want to. Losing weight with yoga gives you the desired result of increasing strength
and flexibility for your body, while providing a method of releasing stress and tension. This is achieved by the practice of controlled and leveled breathing
that accompanies each yoga position. Studies have shown that unreleased stress and tensions are one of the highest reasons for emotional overeating
that can cause weight gain.


Although yoga may seem to be effortless, it actually requires the individual to maintain full body and breath concentration through a series of positions (asanas) with slow and steady motions. It is generally thought that only fast or quick movements, as typically found in cardio workouts, are the only way to increase the heart rate and thus be more able to lose fat. However, within a yoga practice you can achieve the same result without going through all the heavy exercises that will create negative impact to your joints.[b-quote]

To begin losing weight with yoga, it is best to have an understanding of some of the positions that are considered effective for weight loss. Each yoga pose can uniquely support an individual or group of muscles. For example, the Downward Facing Dog position helps to firm up chest, thighs and arms, while the Cobra pose is excellent for the abdominal area. An additional benefit of these poses is that they offer restorative support to several internal organs, as well as to your digestive system. It is also attributed to boosting your metabolism and cleansing the blood stream, which can bring about renewed energy. This is achieved by completing a position that requires deep twists of the abdominal section. This tightening
and releasing movement helps to "wring out" bloating or water retention, a common deterrent
to weight loss.
With a continued and consistent practice of yoga, you can be assured that you will achieve one of the greatest outcomes – a balance of mind, body and spirit. This sense of well-being will no doubt encourage you to make solid decisions about your health, make better life choices, and set you on a new path toward achieving your personal goals.