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Choosing a Yoga DVD

Choosing a Yoga DVDAre you thinking of buying a Yoga DVD to supplement your studio yoga practice? If so, choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming, given the wide variety of choices offered at your local book or video store. One of the best ways to decide which Yoga DVD to purchase is to base your choice on your own exercise abilities and goals.Read More...

Yoga to End Life Peacefully

Yoga to End Life PeacefullyWhile this is indisputably true, many of us often find it difficult to face that fact - death is usually something that we’d prefer to think about in the distant future, if we have to think about it at all. But death is very much a part of life and, if we are unprepared to accept this, the probability is that we will be left feeling helpless, terrified, and unable to cope when our time comes. Whether we want to face it or not, as we move towards the end of our lives, we often have to make choices on how we want to die. Read More...

Yoga for Diabetics

Yoga for DiabeticsDiabetes is a difficult condition to treat effectively. It is a chronic disease characterized by dangerously high blood-sugar levels, and it occurs when either the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or the cells in the body cannot process insulin, a digestive chemical that breaks down sugars. The most common western allopathic method of treating diabetes is through medication and regular, often self-administered insulin injections. As a short-term solution, it is quite effective. Like a lot of medications, however, the long-term effectiveness is questionable.Read More...

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