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IN GRATITUBE: A Nightmare Week

Glenn Wollman
IN GRATITUBE: A NIGHTMARE WEEK Act three: Time, in my mind, was moving at a different rate than real time. The reality of imminent surgery was circulating in my brain cells. Would it happen in hours or days? The Doctor held an anatomical model of the entire exposed male genitalia in front of my eyes. While focusing on the plastic model and relating it to my own anatomy, I learned that a green...

Magical Medical Tour: IN GRATITUBE

Glenn Wollman
Act one: Signs and Symptoms I was absorbing the beautiful light of a mid-May dusk when my right kidney decided to gift me with a nugget made of calcium oxalate (a chemical compound that forms needle-shaped crystals and is a major part of human kidney stones). I was grateful that the diameter of the tube (Right URETER) from my right kidney to my urinary bladder was larger than the diameter...