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I am a proud parent of a wonderful teenager. A vegan (usually) and a lover of all things yoga. I happened upon yoga when I was just a little kid thumbing through a very large and glossy coffee table book full of wonderful poses that never left my imagination. Growing up in an athletic household I was very aware of the importance of stretching and using your own bodyweight to build strength and balance. Forward 20, well, (ok way more than 20) years to present time I have found that a daily practice is the best way to start my day. Lately every morning I attempt Bhujapidasana that mystical shoulder press which eludes me at the moment. After a very minor injury I have lost some of that strength and balance that seemed so easy just a year ago. In the meantime I love the word Bhujapidasana, it sounds so lyrical. maybe I’ll just work at remembering how to say it. A girl’s got to have goals. And did I tell you I got a new job? Yep, right here at YogaHub. I’m loving it and look forward to seeing you around the YogaHub community.

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