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Yoga for Survivors

Paloma Chavez

ystudents.jpgYou have had a stressful week of overwhelming job demands, your family is misunderstanding you, and then you got a ticket for being late at your parking meter. Sound familiar? Is this an overwhelming situation? Perhaps? We all have challenging weeks. And at the end of it we feel like we “survived” the storm. (more…)

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Autism and Yoga

Paloma Chavez
autisimyouth.jpgAccording to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in every 150 births are diagnosed with autism. This disease unbalances the neurological system and decreases the standard functioning of the brain.  Dr. Kari Kassir M.D. has researched the alternative methods of treatment and the effectiveness of yoga for autistic children. (more…)
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Yoga Medical Update

Paloma Chavez
science2.jpgOnce again the positive results of a regular yoga practice have been acknowledged in the medical community. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity are a few of the probable outcomes of metabolic syndrome. And neglecting your health in any of these instances can lead to a weakened system. (more…)
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Chair Yoga Resources

Paloma Chavez
dickenson.jpgLast month we began to look into this adapted form of yoga practice. As we continued to research this area, we found that it has been around for awhile and has been accessed by all ages and ranges of mobility. From those students who are being challenged by arthritis ,MS, recovering from a recent injury or for those seniors who are having a little extra trouble with floor exercises, chair yoga has become a valuable alternative....
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An Offering of Peace

Paloma Chavez
vetyoga.jpgIn Florida two generous yoga teachers are taking it upon themselves to make a gift of peace to “any active or honorable discharged service members who served in a war.” Yoga for You of Lynn Haven, and Laura Tyree in Fort Walton Beach are offering free beginners yoga classes to these veterans in appreciation for their service to the country. (more…)
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Chair vs Mat

Paloma Chavez
yogachair.jpgOver the last few months, we have come across a number of articles and conversations about the effects of yoga on our aging bodies. Here is the first in our series of resources for your questions regarding yoga and aging. In yoga studios across the nation, instructors are adding to their class schedules an alternative form of yoga practice called Chair Yoga. These adapted series of yoga poses is thought to provide a...
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An Advocate for Wellness

Paloma Chavez
dkaran.jpgMy mission is to create a working environment where the worlds of conventional and alternative medical practices unite to invent new ways of healing, health and well being for all of us. We must treat the patient with the same passion with which we fight the disease. – Donna Karan In New York City, yoga practioner and fashion designer Donna Karan brought yogis, holistic practioners, doctors, wellness educators and cancer patients together for a 10-day wellness...
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Yoga Retreat for Breast Cancer

Paloma Chavez
Amidst the beaches of North Carolina, yoga teacher Jean Costa gathers with a group of women who have survived breast cancer and are seeking a refuge where they hope to regenerate their health and spirit. Born from her own struggle with breast cancer, Jean Costa personally experienced the need of a restorative and supportive atmosphere for women being challenged with this disease. (more…)

Increase Vitality Through Yoga

Paloma Chavez
It seems as though no matter what new vitamin or exercise plan is being touted these days, we are still seeking to find the source of true vitality. One of the reasons I decided to begin a yoga practice was to find a way to have increased stamina and to renew my natural energy throughout the day. I had been gradually feeling lethargic and restless at the same time. After several days of feeling overwhelmed from work or family responsibilities...
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