Increase Vitality Through Yoga

Paloma Chavez

It seems as though no matter what new vitamin or exercise plan is being touted these days, we are still seeking to find the source of [tag]true vitality[/tag]. One of the reasons I decided to begin a yoga practice was to find a way to have increased stamina and to renew my natural energy throughout the day.

I had been gradually feeling lethargic and restless at the same time. After several days of feeling overwhelmed from work or family responsibilities I found that I was experiencing soreness in my muscles and joints. I brought this question to my instructor

and she explained that this was due to the layers of stress and tensions that were being stored in my body. And she added, that with a continued practice I would be able to regularly release those tightened areas.

I still had hoped that a good night’s sleep would completely relieve these aches and pains, but no such luck. Exercise, vitamins, juices, there are hundreds of options, and healthy alternatives. But it has been my new venture into creating a daily [tag]yoga[/tag] practice that has brought the best results for revitalizing my energy.

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