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A Child’s Education

Christina Souza Ma
As a parent, we watch our child go through the many stages of life. We enjoy the moments of laughter and joy as we watch them grow and expand in every way life takes us. But the one area I find most of us question is their education. Are we teaching them enough? Is it the correct approach? Well, I have to say that I was not one to enroll my child in...
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Child’s Perfection

Christina Souza Ma
How does a child learn to be infatuated with perfection? I was very much a perfectionist growing up and know what a difficult habit it is to shift towards allowing things to happen without judging myself so hard. I made it a point to be aware of this so that I could circumvent this behavior with my own child. He is now 5 years old and signs of perfectionism are beginning to...
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A Child’s Fear

Christina Souza Ma
So the time continues to fly by. My child is now 5 and learning at the speed of sound and light. I am continually reminded of how amazing a human being really is. He only started Montessori Preschool 5 months ago. We chose to keep him out of school for as long as we could so that he could hone in on his language skills. I was a little concerned about...
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I Hate School!

Christina Souza Ma
Well, my son has finally reached the age where it is time for him to begin experiencing school. So many asked if I would home school him, but I don’t think that it would give him enough worldly experience if I were to do so, unless I was a world traveller. So, after much time spent looking into all the different pre-schools in my district — there are over 100 to...
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Simple Beauty

Christina Souza Ma
The other day on our daily walk, we noticed that our neighbor had just cut back her roses. These are the roses we stop to smell together every morning. Pink, red, white, yellow and — our favorite — mauve, which gives the most incredible scent. Well, this morning there lay a pile of stems, flowers, petals, leaves. My son was sad, looking at this pile as he questioned why they were...
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Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse . . . .

Christina Souza Ma
Whoa! Are you feeling the shifts? I certainly am. My attempts to keep myself grounded have been like dust in the wind, The days are flying by like particles. Particles that I cannot grasp and, on the off-chance that I do grasp a few grains, it’s only momentarily before they fall out of the palm of my hand. (more…)

What Do We NEED?

Christina Souza Ma
My little one has a habit of saying “I need this Mummy”, and I always shift it by reminding him to say, “I would like this please” or “may I have this please?”. I ask myself where and how he captured the word “need” in his vocabulary? It’s a very strong statement to make. (more…)
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Turmoil of the Heart

Christina Souza Ma
Have you ever had to make decisions and choices that affect others’ wellbeing? Not easy, is it? I just realized recently that I have been blinded yet again in my life. Maybe not so much blinded, but I’ve put blinders up on either side of my head so that I could not use my peripheral vision. (more…)
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Vacation? What is that?

Christina Souza Ma
That is what my three-year old asked me the other day when I told him that we were finally going to take a vacation together. I realized at that moment that in the three years of his life we had never taken a vacation. It’s actually been three and a half years since I’ve taken a break from work. (more…)
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Why Are You Bending Funny?

Francesca Silva
We’ve been having a wonderful time with our friends and their two children from Edmonton. It’s their first visit here, so we’ve had fun spending time with them and showing them around our beautiful city – even the weather has been cooperating with our sightseeing expeditions. (more…)
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