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How to Teach an “All Levels” Yoga Class

Kat Robinson
yogaclassOne thing that I have learned over the last 14 years of owning my studio is that an all levels or combination class is a very important factor. Many of struggle to get every student we can possible get to walk through the door so we aren’t going to turn them a way and tell them that the Beginner’s class is tomorrow night, they may not come back again. Many...

Change of Diet

Francesca Silva
I’ve been on a health kick lately. It all started when I stepped on my bathroom scales a few weeks ago and stared down in horror at the reading – 115 lbs! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound too bad but I’m just barely over 5’ tall (and that’s if I stretch my neck) and this is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Even though I knew I had...
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Yoga Craving

Francesca Silva
Life is chaotic at the moment – and that’s an understatement! My sister and her family are visiting from abroad and, while it’s a lot of fun, we’ve also been busier than usual. Fortunately, they’ve been here many times so we don’t have to do the “touristy” things. However, we have relatives and mutual friends who live here and of course they all want to get together, usually over a meal....
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