Yoga Craving

Francesca Silva

Life is chaotic at the moment – and that’s an understatement! My sister and her family are visiting from abroad and, while it’s a lot of fun, we’ve also been busier than usual.

Fortunately, they’ve been here many times so we don’t have to do the “touristy” things. However, we have relatives and mutual friends who live here and of course they all want to get together, usually over a meal. So that’s mainly what we’ve been doing – eating, eating, and eating some more!

But after finishing yet another full meal last week, I realized that I could barely button up my jeans…and these were supposed to be my “comfy” pair!

Oh-oh. This is what happens when life gets so busy that I end up foregoing my yoga sessions at the gym. I’ve been attempting to do some yoga at home but keep getting distracted…it’s hard to focus on anything when we have a house full of people who all want your undivided attention.

I decided it was time to take some drastic action and squeeze in some time for my yoga class. I asked my sister to join me and, to my surprise, she agreed. She was also feeling the pinch in her jeans and, although she’d never done yoga, she was willing to give it a go.

Oh my gosh. It was like a homecoming. I introduced my sister as a “newbie” to Jovina, my yoga teacher, who welcomed her warmly and went through the usual routine (“any medical issues or areas of concern”, etc).

Class started, with Jovina reminding everyone not to over-extend themselves. I felt a little stiff at first and found it a difficult to focus, mostly because I was making sure my sister was okay. Hmmmm… little sister looking out for big sister – now that’s a change from our usual family “roles.” But once I got back into my routine, everything began to go smoothly again and I could actually feel my body and mind welcoming the ebb and flow of the various yoga poses. Ahhhh… I’d really missed this.

After class we went out for coffee and my sister said she’d really enjoyed it and could now get a glimmer of why I was so “hung up on this yoga thing!” She also said she was surprised at how flexible I was and how easy I made everything look (hahahahahaha…). I told her that Jovina has classes three times a week and suggested that we try to go to at least two of them – to my surprise, she readily agreed.

So that’s the plan – and so far we’ve been to another two classes and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We’re already beginning to feel the difference (especially in our jeans) but I think we’re having an even better time with our coffee-after-class ritual. It’s wonderful to be able to catch up on each other’s lives, reminisce and laugh about memories that only we share, and just reconnect with each other.

It’s made me realize how much I miss my sister – my first best friend – and how important she is in my life.

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