Category: Yoga and Meditation

Sitting in Stillness

Kat Robinson
ponderingLiving in today’s world of hustle and bustle, sitting still is one of the hardest lessons that must be learned. I often remind my students that, even when they believe they are relaxed, they may not be. In fact, most aren’t. It is an exercise as much as any other exercise. We, as a people, have a difficult time just being still. It seems there are always errands to run...
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Riding High

Christina Souza Ma
Can you imagine that the only time I am able to find a moment of peace from the phones and the hustle and bustle is on a plane to Kona, Hawaii? It’s been so long since I have been able to write, and believe me when I say that I have missed my journalling. I know so many don’t enjoy flying, but for me it is a time when I can actually...
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Fresh Water Mermaids

Anatara Buckley
Mer-Folk In the Great Lakes I am going to take a leap into a realm that I have recently been visiting. The leap is not that I have been experiencing the life of others, in a realm that we don’t often think about. The leap is about sharing it. And sharing is what these gentle mer-folk have been doing with me. While in the waters of Hawaii, I had many experiences of interaction...
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In the Land of OM – Adventure #2

Cat Chin
After leaving Saul’s yoga experience, I'm hungry and ready to check out the food offerings at the Eco-Conscious Marketplace. There are some wonderful food vendors and, if you are a vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant foodie, this would be heaven for you. Being a non-vegan omnivore, I'm surprised by the incredible selection of vegetarian fare available. I really enjoyed the samosas just the right amount of spice and heat infused into the...

In the Land of OM – Adventure #1

Cat Chin
As I enter the grounds of the Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music, I have to walk through the Eco-Conscious Marketplace, which is a cluster of many tents, each one offering many amazing and green products to purchase. But I need to check in and get to a class, so shopping and browsing can wait. There are classes and speakers held in five major tents with the top yoga teachers and...

Meditate…oh sure

Francesca Silva
Stop the planet, I want to get off! Well, not really – I’m kind of enjoying myself at the moment, even though I feel like I’m caught in a vortex and would appreciate having a bit of time to come up for air… My sister is visiting and we’re having a lovely time catching up on our lives and spending quality time with Mumsie, who’s absolutely thrilled to have her two...
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Magical Medical Tour: MIND. YOUR OWN BUSINESS

Glenn Wollman
During a recent trip visiting my family, I had the opportunity to observe an interesting juxtaposition between the mind of my 92-year old father(a former educator), who is losing many of his mental capacities, and my nine-year old nephew (diagnosed with autism and delayed development), who is succeeding in his efforts to gain mental capacities. Throughout my life I have appreciated the vast diversity of minds. During my medical school...

Magical Medical Tour: Radio GaGa

Glenn Wollman
In the era of pads, pods, berries and droids, the radio has become obsolete, except for a few of us troglodytes. The other day I had my radio on as background for the soundtrack of my life and I realized it was not on my station. Someone had moved the dial. As I was tuning back to my station I started thinking about the clarity of the first signal, the...

Prime Cut

Glenn Wollman
In the future, medical science may eliminate the need for surgery. However, we happen to exist in the present and surgery is still a very important treatment modality for various human conditions. My guess is that many of you will have one or more surgical procedures in your lifetime. Surgery is a team effort. The surgical team does its part in preparing through education and training. But how are you preparing?...
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